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Local Water Agencies Working Together

The three agencies involved in the HUAWP — City of Hollister, the San Benito County Water District and the Sunnyslope County Water District — are public agencies that have been working together for many years to secure a reliable water supply for their customers. This project builds on previous efforts by local water officials to create a sustainable and reliable water supply for the greater Hollister area, efforts such as the San Felipe Project that provides water from the Central Valley Project.

The Hollister Urban Area Water Project (HUAWP) is a collaborative effort with the goal of delivering high-quality water to help ensure economic stability and contribute to a better quality of life for the entire community. By cooperatively working toward a common goal, the agencies have embarked on a cost-efficient solution to a regional issue. They plan to take advantage of shared resources, economies of scale — and do the right thing for the community — now and for the future.

Leaders of the three-agency team spearheading the HUAWP have worked together to present a fiscally responsible program. The original costs for the program have been reduced from about $100 million to about $30 million. As public agencies, they are very sensitive to the price associated with the project and have made great efforts to contain costs and limit the scope of the program.