Continuing Water Conservation

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Most Californians know that droughts come and go. When we’re in a drought, we all cut back on our water use. When the drought ends, it’s easy to fall back into our water-wasting ways – but that’s short-sighted, and we need to make water conservation a way of life, right here in our community.

The people of San Benito County and the Hollister area have done a great job of water conservation, and now we need to keep up the good work! Here are three reasons why:

  • We have the same amount of water today as we did centuries ago, and yet, the state’s population continues to grow.
  • Nearly two-thirds of Californians receive water transported through the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, and that water system is in trouble. The network of waterways and levees that make up the Delta needs significant investment in its infrastructure. Here in Hollister, approximately 50-70%of the urban water supply originates from this system, so it’s important to us, too.
  • Our groundwater is the most critical local resource. We need to reduce our use to ensure we don’t harm underground aquifers. The Hollister Urban Area derives approximately 70% of its water supply from this resource. The more we conserve, the less we have to pump out of the groundwater basin.

Even with the Hollister Urban Area Water Project’s West Hills Water Treatment Plant providing a significant amount of high-quality imported water, that quantity may vary in the future due to overall hydrology/drought conditions, allocations to other agencies, and other issues beyond our control. A healthy, full aquifer is the best defense against the next drought!

Save water now – save it for the future. Click here for water conservation tips and tools that you can use every day in our community.