Will I still need to use a water softener?

Self-regenerating water softeners that empty into a public sewer system have been banned in the City of Hollister and Sunnsylope County Water District service areas. This includes the entire Hollister Urban Area. If you already own a self-regenerating water softener that uses salt and/or potassium you do not need to remove it. However, when your current self-regenerating water softener stops functioning you cannot replace it with a self-regenerating water softener that uses salt and/or potassium. You are allowed to use an offsite exchange service where a fresh container is delivered to your home at set intervals and the salty brine is hauled away to be processed at a commercial facility outside of our county. You are also allowed to install salt-free alternatives to condition the water.

Now that the HUAWP is completed our water supply has much lower mineral content. In most areas a water softener will not be needed. However, individual preferences vary dramatically. Using a water softener is a highly subjective decision.

The Water Resources Association of San Benito County (WRASBC) offers a rebate for those that are demolishing their old, self-regulating water softeners. If you demolish your old water softener or buy a salt-free alternative to take its place, a $300 rebate is offered. If you transition over to an offsite service, a minimum 1-year service contract is required and a $250 rebate is issued.

Call the WRASBC if you would like to participate in the demolishing program or if you need information on salt-free alternatives to water conditioning. They can be reached at (831) 637-4378.