ADD: Average Day Demand

af:  acre-foot – is defined by the volume of one acre of surface area to a depth of one foot (325,853 gallons)

afy: acre-feet per year

AWWA: American Water Works Association

CDPH: California Department of Public Health

City\COH: City of Hollister

Coordinated Plan: Coordinated Water Supply and Treatment Plan, January 2010

County: San Benito County

CVP: Central Valley Project

DBP: Rule Disinfection Byproduct Rule – builds upon earlier rules that addressed disinfection byproducts to improve your drinking water quality and provide additional public health protection from disinfection byproducts

Delta: Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta

DISTRICT: San Benito County Water District

DPH: California Department of Public Health

Hardness (Water): Hard water is water that has high mineral content (in contrast with soft water)

HUA: Hollister Urban Area (as defined in the Master Plan and Exhibit B)

M&I: municipal and industrial

Master Plan: Hollister Urban Area Water and Wastewater Master Plan, November 2008

mg/L: milligrams per liter – 1 milligram in one liter of water = 1 milligram per liter or one part in a million parts

mgd: million gallons per day

MMD: Maximum Month Average Day Demand

MOU: Memorandum of Understanding

Retailers: City and SSCWD

SOI: Statement of Intent

SSCWD: Sunnyslope County Water District

SWQCB: State Water Quality Control Board

TDS: Total Dissolved Solids – Term is used to reflect salinity or dissolved salts

USBR: United States Bureau of Reclamation

WDR: Wastewater Discharge Requirements

WTP: Water Treatment Plant

WW: Wastewater